We at RCGA Architects in association with FxFowle Architects are please to announce that we have completed the design and construction documents for the new CROSSINGS RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX, which shall be located adjacent to the LIRR Jamaica Station, Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica. New York.

The new Residential Complex will bolster 586 Apartments, with over 45,000sf of Retail Lease Space, adding to the downtown Jamaica Shopping District.

The roof tops of both Apartent Towers, will host top class lounges, with breathtaking views of Jamaica Bay and the Manhattan Skyline.

In addition, the new Restoration Church of Christ Church, as also designed by RCGA Architects, has also been incorporated into the development.

RCGA Architects, providing superior quality Housing and Retail design.

Built strong, preserved stronger


RCGA Architects - Providing full Historic Preservation Design and Construction Services, on the completion of the Restoration of the HUGUENOT MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
circa 1917